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Death of Peter Burkett at Hillsborough left a hole 'impossible to fill' in his family's life

Peter Andrew Burkett

The jury heard more about Peter Burkett on the final day of the pen portraits.His step-mother Anne gave her statement to the coroner’s court.

"When he was a young boy, Peter went to live with his dad permanently - big Terry as he was known.

"His brother little Terry and sister Lesley would come to visit and stayed for long weekends and the three of them had a lot of fun together.

"Peter’s brother, little Terry, came to live with us when Terry junior was 14 years old. They were inseparable, sharing a room and even sharing a bed for a time.

"Terry remembers that Peter was the first one of them to grow a hair under his arm, also being mischievous, little Terry tried to pull it out.

The brotherly bond they shared lasted into adulthood and has never gone away."The loss of Peter had a huge impact on little Terry as they were like twins. The gap that has been left is impossible to fill.

Mrs Burkett continued: "I had the pleasure of meeting peter when he was 12 years old. From the very start, Peter regarded my children as his brothers and sisters. I

If his friends ever asked, they were told by Peter that his siblings were not his stepbrothers and sisters. He always used to say ‘there’s no step in it. They are my family.’

Peter was thrilled when his father and Anne had their daughter Jenni together.

"Peter and Jenni came close, although she was only 4 when Peter died. She used to tell us not to cry because we could always get the bus to go and see Peter in heaven.''