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Brookside 30th celebrations

30 years ago this week, Brookside hit our screens for the very first time, it ran for 21 years, with the last episode broadcast on 4 November 2003. Brookside marked a revolution in social realism on tv, and after Brookside, soaps were never the same again.

This Sunday 4 November, the Museum of Liverpool will celebrate the soap's 30th anniversary.

I am now old enough to be a museum exhibit! We always tried to make the programme as real as we could within its fictional setting and the outstanding quality owed a lot to the writers, actors, staff and crew who took that special magic that Liverpool provides and made a great programme.

– Phil Redmond - Creator

Brookside's creator Professor Phil Redmond CBE, will be taking part in an 'In Conversation' event. A number of the ast including Dean Sullivan and Claire Sweeney, who played father and daughter Jimmy and Lindsey Corkhill, from Number 10 Brookside Close will also be there.