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Charity fun run for murdered father

Runners line up for start of The Sherriff 10k Credit: Jane Sherriff

More than a hundred and fifty people have taken part in a charity run in Lancashire, renamed in honour of a murdered father of two. Phillip Sherriff was killed after being bottled at a corporate work party in London last year.

The Scorton Bikes and Barrows 10k which was formed as part of the annual festival has been renamed the Sherriff 10k. Phil's widow Jane has since campaigned to ban glass bottles from late night pubs and clubs. All the money raised from today's run will go towards the Bottle Stop Campaign.

Phil's widow Jane presents Phil Cray with trophy for fastest local runner Credit: Jane Sherriff


Phillip Sherriff 'died horrifically'

"Philip Sherriff died horrifically in a way that is almost too ghastly to describe.

"The moment Charles severed his artery, Philip had no chance of surviving.

"Since that moment, Charles has shown incredible remorse, but sadly not for Philip Sherriff, only for himself.

"I hope his conviction will bring some sense of justice to the family who have been devastated by Philip's murder. He truly was a decent, hard-working family man who in no way contributed to his own demise.

"This case highlights that one single second of aggression has fatal consequences for some and a life-changing impact on so many."

– Detective Inspector Richard Beadle

He appealed to people to remember Mr Sherriff and "walk away" if tensions build up at a bar.

'This is a tragic case' Judge tells Phillip Sherriff murder trial

"This is a tragic case. Mr Sherriff may have pushed you in a crowded bar and made inoffensive remarks to a girl talking to you.

"You clearly became annoyed at what you perceived was the conduct of Mr Sherriff and lost your temper when he may have pushed against you at the bar."

– Judge Paul Worsley

Charles took a beer bottle from Mr Sherriff's hand and swung it behind him, where it broke, and then plunged it into Mr Sherriff's neck.

"It was a lethal weapon. He was a decent man," the judge added.

He said Charles had done something "which was truly out of character".

"You did not deliberately smash the bottle you used. I am satisfied you did not intend to kill Mr Sherriff and you were immediately remorseful."

– Judge Worsley

Andrew Hall QC, for Charles, said he acted "in a split second of madness".


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