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Councillors vote to demolish Preston Bus Station

Preston Bus Station is one of the biggest in Europe Credit: ITV Granada

Preston City Council has voted in principle to demolish the city's bus station.

But it won't be torn down until the council finds out how much it would cost to refurbish it.

Lancashire County Council, which runs transport in the county, says it thinks it would need between £17million and £23million spending on it.

Preston City Council will now appoint its own consultants to get another estimate for refurbishment.

The city council is also going to press the county council to reveal its plans for a new bus station.

The city says it cannot afford the £300,000 annual cost of keeping it open.

Its cabinet met tonight to discuss plans to redevelop the city centre, with the bus station high on the list of areas needing work.

A city council spokesman said cabinet members also talked about a mystery wealthy local businessman who is 'looking at a possible investment' in the bus station.

The bus station was opened in 1969 and is one of the country's finest examples of brutalist architecture.

But critics say it is no longer fit for purpose.