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Watch: Anti-fracking protester has charges dropped

An anti-fracking campaigner's been carried aloft from court on the shoulders of supporters after a case they've called a 'Victory for Truth'.

Lancashire grandmother Tina Rothery faced jail for refusing to pay a court fine after staging a protest near the proposed site for shale gas exploration at Little Plumpton.

But in a private hearing drilling firm Cuadrilla appears to have dropped the claim believed to be for £55k.

Ralph Blunsom has been at Preston Crown Court.

Watch: Couple who've fostered more than 240 kids

We meet the amazing couple who've opened their home and their hearts to an incredible two hundred and forty one foster children.

George and Joycelyne Hindle are both in their seventies and began fostering in 1979.

The couple had two children of their own, adopted five more, then spent decades looking after youngsters from newborns to teenagers. They told our correspondent Elaine Willcox they never meant to look after so many, but just couldn't turn anyone away.

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