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Lancashire man finishes marathon with his idol Paula Radcliffe

The pair reach to hold hands Credit: PA

A runner from Lancashire has shared a 'phenomenal' moment with the world as he held hands with his idol Paula Radcliffe nearing the finish of the London Marathon.

Rob Danson, from Kirkham, is a member of the Wesham Road Runners, put out his hand to the race record-breaker 100m before the finish line.

Th pair did it as the first London Marathon was won jointly by two men who held hands to cross the finish line 35 years ago. It was Paula's retiring race.

The pair, who hugged after crossing the finish completed the race in two hours and 36 minutes.

  1. Paul Crone, ITV News

Up, up and away for Lancashire's magnificent men in their flying machine

Neil and Tim flying their magnificent machine. Credit: ITV News.

Two intrepid adventurers from Lancashire will fly the entire coast of Britain in a Microlight for charity.

Neil King lost his daughter to cancer ten years ago, and now he and a friend Tim Burrow are taking to the skies in aid of St Catherine's Hospice in Preston.

Paul Crone went to join them before the start of their epic journey.


Video report: Family receives millions in two separate cases of medical negligence

Credit: Granada reports

the mother whose two children were left severely disabled in two separate cases of medical negligence at the same hospital.

Natasha and Patrick Jackson were born more than a year apart - they're now in their 20s.

Now they've won millions of pounds for their future care in legal action against the former Sharoe Green Hospital in Preston.

Our Lancashire reporter Victoria Grimes has this report:

Seven million pound payout in daughter's negligence case

Natasha,23, needs round the clock care Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The mother of two children left brain damaged after errors in their care has secured a 7 million pound care package for her eldest daughter. It's the second successful medical negligence claim the Jackson family have made against the former Sharoe Green hospital in Preston.

Natasha Jackson, now 23, was left severely physically and mentally disabled after errors made by hospital staff during her mother's pregnancy, Natasha's delivery and in the first few days of her life starved her brain of oxygen leading to significant cerebral palsy.

Her mother Paula McKay was left heartbroken by Natasha's injuries and the devastating impact they have had on her daughter's life. And history was tragically repeated when her second born child Patrick (22) was also severely brain damaged by mismanagement of his delivery by staff at the same hospital which was responsible for the errors in Natasha's case - the former Sharoe Green Hospital in Preston. Patrick has injuries similar to Natasha's and is also severely physically and mentally disabled.

Natasha and Patrick have a brother George, who Paula jokes is "extremely normal". He is 19 and training as a nurse to continue to help disabled people in his working life.

Olivia Scates, a partner at JMW Solicitors, who represented both Natasha and Patrick in their legal battles against the former North West Strategic Health Authority, responsible for the hospital, said this was an unprecedented situation where two children in one family had suffered brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy as a result of negligence.

Paula has had to cope with two avoidable tragedies involving her children. To go through such an ordeal once and a child's life to be devastated is tragic, for it to happen to two children in the same family is unbelievably sad. However Paula is an incredible mother who has dedicated her life to caring for Natasha and Patrick and has conducted herself with great dignity throughout their cases.

Nothing can be done to turn back the clock but with the settlement of Natasha's case Paula will have the support she needs to provide that care to her daughter and ensure that she does not have to worry about the future, especially when she is not here anymore, which was a huge concern.

Natasha will never be able to live independently, work or do any of the things the rest of us take for granted. However as well as the highly specialist accommodation and equipment she requires now she will have access to excellent care that will improve her quality of life and enable her to access therapies and activities designed for people with her level of disability.

– Olivia Scates, a partner at JMW Solicitors, who represented both Natasha and Patrick

Natasha and Patrick have been through so much in their lives and it has been heart-breaking to see them suffer at times due to the injuries they were left with. However with the settlement of Natasha's case I am relieved that I no longer have to worry about what will happen when I am not here anymore and that both will have access to the specialist care they need and deserve. Another important factor of this financial settlement is that it will ensure Natasha receives excellent on-going care that will not ever be affected by local or national budget cuts.

It upsets me to think about any other families going through the same ordeal and having to fight hospital trusts to help children they have failed. However I would say to any other parents in the same situation not to give up hope, you can eventually get the help you and your child needs and things can get better.

– Paula McKay, Natasha and Patrick's Mum

Preston recycling centre 'grateful to firefighters'

Thanks to the exceptional work of firefighters and the outstanding health and safety practises at Recycling Lives, the fire was quickly contained and there have been no injuries or damage to machinery.

We are incredibly grateful to the firefighters and other emergency services who have helped us to deal with the incident and we will continue to support their operations in any way we can.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our customers who have been sending messages of support throughout the night and this morning, particularly our neighbours, EH Booths and James Hall.

– Steve Jackson, CEO of Recycling Lives


Video: 100 firefighters tackle Preston industrial blaze

Credit: Lancashire Fire Services

One hundred firefighters have spent the night tackling a blaze at a recycling company in Preston.

Crews were called to the fire on Longridge Road at around nine thirty last night. An investigation's underway - firefighters are expected to remain at the scene throughout the day.

This video was shot by the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service:

Disabled boy spent seven nights sleeping on hospital floor

An 8-year-old boy from Preston is back home after spending 7 nights sleeping on a mattress on a hospital floor.

Cody Neatis has down's syndrome, epilespy and autism.

His mum claims there were no suitable beds available but The Royal Preston Hospital says they were waiting for a specialist bed from America to arrive.

Amy Welch reports.

Police visit Martin Mere for 'swan catch'

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