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Rio's family 'hates monster' who killed two-year-old

After Daniel Rigby was convicted of Rio's murder, a police family liaison officer read a statement on behalf of his family

"Today we have got justice for our beautiful son, grandson, brother and nephew Rio.

"We have to live every day without Rio and for the rest of our lives we will never see him grow into a lovely young man.

"No matter how long that monster gets, he will still have a life.

"We wish we could say that we could start to re-build our lives, but the hard work is just beginning.

"I don't like the word hate, but I truly hate that monster for taking our cheeky monkey Rio away from us."

– Detective Constable Pam Chandler, on behalf of Rio Smedley's family

Rio's injuries 'no accident' – prosecutor

“This was a wicked attack against a vulnerable and defenceless child, perpetrated by Daniel Rigby. The injuries suffered by Rio were brutal and could not have been inflicted accidentally, as Rigby had claimed in an attempt to hide what he had done.

“Today, a jury has decided that Rigby caused Rio’s death and that Kirsty Smedley betrayed her responsibility to keep her child safe from Rigby’s violence.”

– Jan Urey, senior crown prosecutor


Rio Smedley died after suffering 91 separate injuries

Rio Smedley died in April after being beaten by his mother's partner Credit: Manchester Evening News

Manchester Crown Court heard Daniel Rigby beat and stamped on two-year-old Rio.

The toddler's injuries were so severe his liver was split in two.

His mother, Kirsty, will not be sentenced today.

She has been remanded into custody until expert reports can be written and sent to the judge.

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