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RMT members at Northern rail stage fresh 24-hour strike

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Passengers will face more disruption today as rail workers stage another strike in the row over the role of guards on trains.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) on Arriva Rail North will walk out on May 24th and 26th.

They're angry at plans to introduce driver-only trains.

This dispute started more than two years ago and affects five train operators in the UK.

To help keep you on the move during RMT strike action on Thursday 24 and Saturday 26 May we will run as many services as possible each day.

On Thursday, the majority of available trains will operate between 7am and 7pm as we focus on running as many trains as we can to get you into work and home again.

– Northern Rail website
Northern Rail are cutting some of peak hour services. Credit: PA

It comes on a week of major disruption after the new timetables were brought in.

Meanwhile, Northern is today involved in urgent talks with the Transport Secretary over its performance record.


Rail dispute: talks to continue.

Merseyrail have been meeting members of the RMT union today to discuss ways of resolving the long-running dispute over driver only trains. for the past 12 months there's been a series of walkouts by rail staff over plans to do away with guards on trains.

The dispute over driver only trains has lasted 12 months. Credit: pa

Following talks between the two today both have agreed to meet again within the next 7 days to continue discussions in a bid to find a solution. olution.

“I am pleased at the positive progress that has been made in the discussions with the RMT with the aim of resolving the current industrial dispute.

– Andy Heath, Merseyrail

Rail staff walkout on strike for third time this week

The strike has reduced services across the North West Credit: PA

Rail passengers across the North West are facing their third day of disruption in a week because of strike action by staff.

RMT Union members on Merseyrail and Northern Rail are walking out for the 13th time in a long-running dispute over the role of guards on trains.

Merseyrail insists it wants to talk to the union. Northern says it is aiming to maintain services today.

Rail passengers face disruption as second day of strikes get underway

The RMT says the disputes are over issues including the role of train guards and the extension of driver-only services. Credit: ITV News

Rail users are facing more disruption this morning as the second day of strike action this week gets underway.

RMT members on Merseyrail and Northern Rail are walking out in a dispiute over the role of guards on trains.

Merseyrail say they want dialogue with the union and Northern say they'll aim to maintain services.

We are doing everything we can to keep our customers on the move during the three days of industrial action affecting our network.

We are still working to determine the exact services we will be able to operate, but those trains that do run will be on an amended timetable and are likely to be extremely busy.

– Sharon Keith, Regional Director at Northern Rail

In the past customers have responded well by planning ahead and in many cases making changes to their usual journey when necessary. We are confident that by continuing to plan ahead, our customers, both local and from further afield, will be able to go about their business, whether they choose to travel by rail, bus, ferry or car

– Frank Rogers, Chief Executive of Merseytravel

RMT strikes: mixed feelings from rail passengers in Manchester

Rail passengers in Manchester this morning had mixed feelings about three days of strike action which the RMT union has planned for this week.

Union members from Merseyrail and Northernrail are protesting over the role of guards on trains.

Some passengers we spoke to supported their decision, others were frustrated at a lack of progress in talks:

The RMT union is calling for a special summit to break the deadlock.


RMT strike action: how could I be affected?

The RMT union is holding three days of strike action this week in a dispute over the role of guards on the trains and fears for "rail safety".

Union members at Northern and Rail and Merseyrail will strike on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A Department for Transport spokesman said the five franchises will "keep passengers moving" during the strikes.

Here's how you could be affected:


  • Severely reduced service across the network
  • Tickets being accepted on other services
  • No trains running on the Kirkby, Ellesmere Port or Hunts Cross lines
  • Services that do operate will run between 07:00 and 19:00
  • There will be a break in the middle of the day where no trains will run


  • Severely reduced service across the network
  • Replacement bus service running at Manchester Piccadilly, Preston and at Chester
  • Tickets being accepted on other services
  • Northern are operating around 65% of their normal timetable
  • Services that do operate, will run between 07:00 and 19:00

Council leaders write joint letter calling for RMT and Merseyrail to find settlement

Credit: ITV Granada

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram and the Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson have written a joint letter to the RMT and Merseyrail, calling on both sides to engage in immediate, independent conciliation without conditions.

It follows a series of strikes by members of the RMT union concerning the long- running dispute over the role of guards and driver- only trains.

Leaders of the other five districts within the Liverpool City Region are also included in the joint letter, which calls on both parties to find a settlement of their dispute as early as possible.

The letter states:

We are concerned that this dispute is continuing, and feel that only meaningful dialogue and a willingness to engage in detailed negotiation can find a way forward. We are equally concerned that statements emanating from both sides only serve to entrench positions and have the potential to make it more difficult for sides to come to a negotiated settlement.”

– Joint letter

Steve Rotheram said:

We have been in contact with both sides to encourage dialogue and resolution, but it is now our belief that an independent process of conciliation without conditions could achieve a breakthrough. The dispute has gone on for long enough and for the benefit of the public, both parties need to break the deadlock.”

– Steve Rotheram

Read the letter in full:

Dear Mick and Jan,

As the political leaders in theLiverpool City Region, we are writing collectively in light of the on-goingindustrial action on the Merseyrail network.

We are concerned that this disputeis continuing, and feel that only meaningful dialogue and a willingness toengage in detailed negotiation can find a way forward.

We are equally concerned thatstatements emanating from both sides only serve to entrench positions and havethe potential to make it more difficult for sides to come to a negotiatedsettlement.

We are in no doubt that with themassive investment in the new trains, the Merseyrail network will be enhancedsignificantly.

We understand, however, that changecan be difficult for all parties involved, but with three years before the newfleet arrives there is more than enough time for detailed negotiations to finda mutually acceptable agreement.

We appreciate this may requiremovement from all sides, but believe this would be in the best interests of thetravelling public.

We are calling for both parties inthe dispute, Merseyrail and the RMT, to agree to engage in a process ofindependent conciliation, starting with no pre-conditions, with the intent of seekingto find a negotiated settlement as soon as practicable.

We look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Rotheram

Metro Mayor ofthe Liverpool City Region

Cllr Rob Polhill

Leader of HaltonCouncil

Cllr Andy Moorhead

Leader ofKnowsley Council

Joe Anderson

Mayor ofLiverpool

Cllr Ian Maher

Leader of SeftonCouncil

Cllr Barrie Grunewald

Leader of StHelens Council

Cllr Phil Davies

Leader of WirralCouncil

– Liverpool council leaders

Rail workers to strike next month in disputes over the role of guards

Credit: PA

Workers on Merseyrail and Arriva Rail North are set to strike on November 8, in a long running dispute over the role of guards.

The union said it had made "every single effort" to resolve the disputes, accusing the train operators of "suspending" normal industrial relations.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:

Every single effort that RMT has made to reach negotiated settlements in these separate disputes with the different train operating companies over safe operation and safe staffing has been kicked back in our faces and we are left with no option but to confirm a further phase of industrial action in early November.

"It is frankly ludicrous that we have been able to negotiate long-term arrangements in Scotland and Wales that protect the guards and passenger safety but we are being denied the same opportunities with rail companies in England.

"This suspension of normal industrial relations by the employers has to end if we are to make progress towards a solution that guarantees safe rail travel for all.

"RMT is in no doubt that it is the dead hand of the minority Tory Government that is interfering in these disputes to block negotiated settlements.

"It is outrageous that Prime Minister Theresa May and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling are happy to stand aside and cheer on overseas rail companies that rip-off the British passenger to subsidise their domestic transport operations while throwing the guards off our trains.

"RMT is demanding today that the Government lift the central blockade on talks, allow us to negotiate freely with their contractors and give us the opportunity to pursue the objective of a guard guarantee that puts British passenger safety before the rank exploitation of our rail network by overseas operators who are laughing all the way to the bank."

– RMT general secretary Mick Cash

Richard Allan, deputy managing director of Arriva Rail North (Northern), said:

Northern is committed to delivering new trains, faster journeys and better stations for customers.

"We are prepared to guarantee jobs and pay for conductors for the next eight years if we can reach agreement on how our colleagues deliver better customer service using those fantastic new facilities.

"RMT is striking yet again at Northern and on several other train operators. We remain available for talks that are meaningful and clearly focused on how we deliver better customer service in the future."

– Richard Allan, deputy managing director of Arriva Rail North

Merseyrail workers to strike again after talks break down

A picket at Lime Street during a strike in July. Credit: ITV Granada

A fresh wave of strikes on Merseyrail will go ahead after talks between union leaders and politicians failed to achieve a breakthrough to a bitter dispute over staffing and the role of guards.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) will walk out on Friday, Sunday and Monday, following stoppages earlier in the year.

The union said it wanted to ask Labour politicians on Merseyside "which side are you on?" after talks with officials, including Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham.

RMT leader Mick Cash said:

"RMT is bitterly disappointed that our efforts to make progress towards a resolution of the Merseyrail guards and safety dispute have been blocked off once again and as a result, the action on Friday, Sunday and Monday goes ahead as planned.

"It was made clear to us that the reason for axing the safety-critical guards on Merseyrail trains is entirely cash-led. At a time when this company is trousering £16 million in profits from passengers on Merseyside, it is disgraceful that they cannot find the £5 million that it would cost to keep the guards on the trains, keep the public safe and maintain disabled access to these lifeline services.

"Labour nationally has set out a clear policy of opposing the great privatised rail rip-off and the profit-led extension of driver only operation.

"RMT has had fantastic support from a large number of Labour MPs, councillors and local parties on Merseyside for our current campaign to keep the guards on our trains and we intend to build on that as we step up the pressure."

– RMT leader Mick Cash.
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