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Gibb to tour after 'losing the meaning of everything'

Barry Gibb has made his first visit to England since the funeral of his brother Robin and described how music brought him back from his grief.

Born on the Isle of Man and raised in Manchester the last surviving Bee Gee, Barry Gibb is back has announced he'll tour the UK in September. He spoke to us about how he intends to carry on bands legacy. Sarah Rogers has more:


Robin Gibb's coffin to be pulled by horse-drawn carriage

Robin Gibb, who died after a battle with cancer Credit: ITV Granada

Robin Gibb's coffin will pulled by a horse-drawn carriage ahead of his funeral today.

The glass-sided carriage will be pulled by four horses and his coffin will be visible inside.

Hundreds of fans are expected to travel to Thame in Oxfordshire where the service is taking place.

He died from kidney failure last month after a battle with cancer.