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'Miracle' swimmer girl one of youngest to make 400m

A girl from Bolton, who had a tumour removed from her heart as a baby, has become one of the youngest children in the country to swim 400 hundred metres.

Rosanna Ogden, aged 4, only started swimming because doctors told her parents it would aid her recovery from surgery.

When the youngster's family originally took her swimming, they found she could cover many metres without coming up for air. Her parents say her ability is a "miracle".


Rosanna the real "Water Baby"

A little girl has helped a charity raise over half a million pounds even though she is only 3 years old.

We first met Rosanna Ogden last year when her parents took her swimming to help her recover after heart surgery.

Rosanna proved a natural water baby.

She's since gone on to represent the British Heart Foundation as the face of their little hearts campaign.

She's now credited with helping them raise over £500,000.

Rosanna and her family have been speaking to Tony and Rachel:-

Praise for Chorley's Rosanna Ogden, the two-year-old waterbaby who's now the face of a charity campaign

"She's two years old and she's had open heart surgery at a small age.

"It's just absolutely fantastic and we really appreciate that her and her family have allowed us to use her to launch our Little Hearts campaign.

"She's such a tough little girl and to do heart research and raise funds, it's just fantastic."

– Teresa Utley, British Heart Foundation