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Deer found dying in a freezing canal is released back into the wild

Deer on the road to recovery Credit: MEN Syndication

A deer found shivering in a freezing cold canal has now been released back into the wild. The roe was discovered in water near Chew Valley Road, in Greenfield, near Oldham, by a member of the public a fortnight ago.

Rescuers found she was shaking, lethargic and handed her over to the RSPCA for treatment. After recovering at one of the charity’s wildlife centres in Nantwich, she has now been released back into the wild. And as the video shows she was raring to go!

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Rescue dog saves litter of kittens trapped in roof space of RSPCA centre

Rescue dog Meg has adopted the kittens. Credit: Manchester Evening News

A rescue dog who had her leg amputated after being battered by children has become a surrogate mum to a litter of kittens.

Meg, a cross-breed rescued by Rochdale’s RSPCA centre as a puppy back in 2008, turned doggy detective when she helped staff to find five young cats in the ceiling of the animal centre on Redcross Street.


Meg saved the kittens which were trapped in roof space at the RSPCA in Rochdale. Credit: Manchester Evening News
Hero of the hour, Meg. Credit: Manchester Evening News
The kittens are recovering from his ordeal. Credit: Manchester Evening News

Jean Spencer, centre manager, who adopted Meg after the ordeal, often takes the dog to work with her.

Late last Wednesday evening, Jean noticed Meg was looking up at the animal centre roof and whimpering as if to indicate something was amiss.

Knowing Meg was trying to tell her something, Jean started to investigate, and several hours later, after she and helpers made a huge hole in the building’s plasterboard ceiling, the five kittens were located and brought to safety.

The RSPCA said it was an Credit: Manchester Evening News

“It was a really unusual rescue,” said Jean, 51. “I know Meg and she was obviously worried about something in the ceiling so I thought I’d better have a look and it was a good thing I did.

“There was only a space in the ceiling cavity of about eight inches, so we had to make a big hole in the ceiling and work through the night to get them out.

“We think the kittens’ mum must have sneaked in through the roof to have them.”

– Jean Spencer, centre manager RSPCA Rochdale
The kittens are now awaiting rehoming. Credit: Manchester Evening News

Jean believes the centre is also caring for the kittens’ mum, as a female cat who has recently given birth was recently found in a cat trap left outside the centre to catch a different feline.

But the suspected mum will not look after the babies, so centre staff and volunteers are working around the clock to feed them, with a little help from Meg.

“Meg is really fond of the kittens,” added Jean. “She is really kind and gentle with them and is always licking them, it is very sweet to see.”

Despite losing a leg, she has thrived under Jean’s care and is a friendly face to visitors to the centre.

Staff and volunteers are now facing an uphill battle to care for the kittens at the centre, which is so busy some gerbil enclosures are having to be used for cats.

To enquire about rehoming a cat or to donate, call 01706 861897 or visit the RSPCA Rochdale Animal Centre Facebook page.

Can you give home to the kittens? Credit: Manchester Evening News


Barrow man jailed for cruelty to his puppy

Dudley the young Staffordshire bull terrier was subjected to repeated violence Credit: RSPCA

A man from Barrow in Furness has been given an 80 day prison sentence and been banned from keeping animals for 7 years after being caught on camera beating a puppy.

"Shocking" footage filmed by a neighbour shows Dudley a young Staffordshire bull terrier being repeatedly picked up and thrown across a garden, bounced off a concreted step and having his head trapped in a door.

23 year old Liam Backhouse from Rising Side pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the puppy by the infliction of physical and mental abuse, blunt force trauma and rough handling.

District judge Gerald Chalk ordered that the Staffordshire bull terrier and a snake owned by Backhouse be seized.

Passing sentence, he told Backhouse: 'The choice to keep a pet is a matter that is entirely voluntary but, once you choose, there are obligations towards the animal and they are obvious when it’s a very young animal

'This is a small puppy that was defenceless. You have shown total disrespect for this animal and have terrorised it.'

The puppy originally called Titan has been renamed Dudley has been in foster care with the RSPCA and has found a new loving home.

Dudley with new owner Chris towler Credit: Amy Welch, ITV Granada Reports
Dudley now recovering with an RSPCA officer Credit: Amy Welch, ITV Granada Reports

Video: Man jailed for kicking cat to death in Tameside (Warning some viewers may find the footage upsetting !)

A drunken reveller has been jailed for 18 weeks after he kicked to death a cat that had been run over by a car.

Anthony Delaney, 30, approached the black and white male cat in the road in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, and sized the animal up before he crossed himself and then booted it in the air.

CCTV footage of the incident last September in Queen's Road also captured Delaney launching a second follow-up kick.

The cat, whose owner was not found, died from his injuries.

Tameside magistrates also banned Delaney, of Mossley in Greater Manchester, from keeping animals for five years.

He had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to causing unnecessary suffering.


Never leave dogs in warm cars warn RSPCA

Dog in car Credit: PA

The RSPCA is warning people never to leave dogs in cars during warm weather.

A two year old Rottweiler-cross died in a hot car outside her owner's home in Bury at the weekend.

The animal charity warn the temperature inside a vehicle can soar to 47 degrees within an hour even if it is just 22 degrees outside.

Windermere geese population under spotlight

You may remember the row last year over proposals to cull two hundred Canada Geese on Windermere.

It was postponed and now the two sides are working together on a plan to manage the problem.

The RSPCA who were opposed to killing the birds and Rangers from the national park have joined forces.

This week, hundreds of the geese were ringed in an attempt to track their movements.

Samantha Parker reports.

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