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Hairdressers hit the right note for charity.

Hairdressers sing their hearts out for charity

Hairdressers from Lydgate near Saddleworth have become internet sensations with a recording of their own version of Band Aid's Feed the World.

The staff at Jo Fern's Salons recorded the song to raise money for Ebola victims and show that celebrities aren't the only ones who can make a difference

Hairdressers make charity Band Aid cover

The staff at Jo Ferns Salons in Lydgate near Oldham decided to make the cover of the Band Aid 30 charity single to help raise money for ebola victims and their families.

We love the Band Aid video but we wanted to show that celebrities aren't the only people that care. We're a really close-knit company and the staff always go that extra mile for people. So we came up with the idea of the video to raise money for the Ebola virus crisis.

– Jo Ferns, Salon owner