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Salford backs call for LS Lowry to appear on £20 note

Credit: PA Images

Salford artist LS Lowry is the front-runner to become the new face of the £20 note.

The Bank of England is seeking nominations for the face that should grace the next £20 note and wants the public to choose a visual artist to celebrate Britain’s talent in this field.

Lowry lived and worked in Salford and now his ‘home’ city is being urged to get behind him to secure his place on the note.

The ‘winner’ will be chosen not by the number of votes they receive but by the strength of the reasons for using them so people are being asked to give a compelling reason as to why LS Lowry should be chosen.

City Mayor Ian Stewart said:

“LS Lowry painted everyday life in Pendlebury and Salford at a time when no-one else was depicting Northern, industrial scenes and people."

“He pioneered a new and unique style, capturing the essence of an industrial world which was disappearing even as he painted it and his work and his style are now loved and recognised around the world."

“Few working class artists have ever achieved the recognition he did and while Lowry never sought fame in his lifetime he wanted his art, his city and his people to be seen and appreciated. He was a very humble man who turned down many honours, including a knighthood, but this would be our way of recognising his genius and saying thank you to him."

“I’d urge everyone in Salford to nominate for Lowry to demonstrate the significance of his work. I think putting him on the £20 note would honour his life’s work and his talent and bring awareness to a whole new audience.”

Nominations for the new face of the £20 note close on July 19 and can be made through the Bank of England website –


Kennel fire thought to have been sparked by a heat lamp

A fire in Salford in which four dogs were killed is thought to have been started accidentally after one of the animals knocked over a heat lamp. The fire broke out last night in Little Hulton at a kennels believed to have been home to 14 dogs. Eight were rescued and a further two resuscitated at the scene.

Fire at kennels in Salford Credit: MEN Syndication

“The fire spread very quickly and when we arrived the flames were as high as the house.

“The dogs were inside a large collection of sheds by the side of the house.

“People were panicking and it was a very distressing scene.

“We had to ensure the safety of the man in the garden who was fighting the fire. He saved around four dogs using a hosepipe. It was a fantastic effort by him to protect the dogs from the flames.

“The fire crews had to think clearly and their training just kicked in and they did an amazing job of bringing the fire under control.”

– John Duffin, Farnworth Fire Station

Firefighters resuscitate puppy after devastating fire

Credit: Christopher Whitehead via MEN

Heartwarming images of firefighter's resuscitating dogs have emerged after a devastating fire at a home in Salford killed four animals.

Eight dogs were saved from the kennels and sheds in Little Hulton. Crews were seen giving oxygen to two further dogs including an eight-month-old terrier using oxygen and heart massage therapy amid distressing scenes.

Credit: Christopher Whitehead via MEN

None of the eight family members were inside the house despite initial fears that people were trapped inside.

The kennels are thought to have been home to 14 dogs in total. They were a mixture of breeds including terriers and larger dogs.

Peter Hook to perform complete works of Joy Division

Salford musician Peter Hook will perform the complete works of Joy Division at a one-off concert in Macclesfield.

The date marks exactly 35 years since the death of the band's singer Ian Curtis.

Hook and his current band, The Light, will play every single song the band recorded in chronological order, including both studio albums 'Unknown Pleasures' and 'Closer'.


Salford and Eccles - Labour Hold Hazel Blears' former seat with increased share of vote

Salford and Eccles
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey (Lab) 21,364 (49.38%, +9.28%)
  • The Rev Greg Downes (C) 8,823 (20.39%, -0.06%)
  • Paul Doyle (UKIP) 7,806 (18.04%, +15.43%)
  • Emma Van Dyke (Green) 2,251 (5.20%)
  • Charlie Briggs (LD) 1,614 (3.73%, -22.59%)
  • Bez Berry (Reality) 703 (1.63%)
  • Noreen Bailey (TUSC) 517 (1.20%, -0.56%)
  • Sam Clark (Pirate) 183 (0.42%)
  • Lab maj 12,541 (28.99%)
  • 4.67% swing C to Lab
  • Electorate 74,290; Turnout 43,261 (58.23%, +3.21%)
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