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Police confirm explosion at house was hand grenade

While we are only in the early stages of our investigation, we believe this was a targeted attack and can confirm that a hand grenade was used.

Clearly this is something we are taking extremely seriously and I am sure people in the area will be hugely shocked by this news.

There are a large number of officers dedicated to investigating exactly what has taken place here and they will also be speaking to residents in the local area today and over the coming days.

Thankfully no one was injured during this attack, although the occupants of the address are understandably extremely distressed.

Make no mistake that we are going to find out exactly what has gone on here and why, and catch those responsible. This kind of violent behaviour on the streets of Salford will simply not be tolerated.

– Detective Chief Inspector Clare Devlin


Salford school receives award for raising Child Sexual Exploitation awareness

Credit: The Albion Academy

An innovative new programme was launched at a school in Salford today to acknowledge and support high schools across Greater Manchester who are working hard to educate their young people about the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation and how to protect themselves.

The Albion Academy in Salford was awarded the first CSE Ambassador accolade, which recognises them as a leading school in CSE education.

They received the accolade after making a three minute video about child sexual exploitation:

Damian Dallimore from Project Phoenix explains how sophisticated some offenders are and that often children don't realise they are being exploited until it's too late:


Salford services 'radically redesigned' in budget

Salford City Council has approved its budget for the next year which will see "radically redesigned" services as they look to save £31m.

In a statement the city's mayor Ian Stewart promised to freeze council tax for the sixth year running and protect adult social care services.

All our services will need to change, some may disappear and some may be delivered by other organisations alone or in partnership with the council. But we’ve made every effort to limit reductions and even invest in critical services where we can.

– Ian Stewart, Mayor of Salford

Watch: Cowardly would-be robbers chased off by shopkeeper

Police are hunting four men whose attempt to rob a shop in Salford was cut short when they were chased off by a shopkeeper with a stick.

At around 8pm on Tuesday January 27, the four men approached the Gardens Convenience Store in Ellesmere Park in Salford armed with crowbars and a hammer.

Three of the men stayed outside the shop and attacked the windows with crowbars, while the fourth man entered the shop armed with the hammer.

But as the offender approached the counter, the shopkeeper picked up a stick and chased him away. The offenders then all fled up the street empty-handed.

The offender with the hammer is described as white and around 5ft 6in tall. He was wearing a light grey tracksuit with a black balaclava and dark gloves.

I must commend the shopkeeper’s bravery in this situation, chasing away four armed men with just a stick.

The offender who enters the shop takes just seconds to turn on his heels and run away, taking his friends with him.

They will not be winning any awards for bravery any time soon, but that should not detract from the fact they went to the shop armed to cause damage and perhaps even inflict injury.

– PC Lee Cunliffe

Police speak out on hate crime after anti-semitic graffiti attack on Jewish community

Waterpark Road, Salford. Credit: ITV News.

Sir Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, has spoken out after a swastika symbol was painted on a pavement in Waterpark Road, Salford - an area with a predominately Jewish population.

Figures released this week by the Community Security Trust showed the highest ever figure of anti-Semitic incidents recorded over the past year.

GMP says there has been an increase in such incidents since the terrorist attack in Paris and also an increase in hate incidents directed against Muslim individuals and institutions.

The force said it's "closely monitoring" all hate incidents and is asking the public to be vigilant.

Sir Peter Fahy. Credit: Press Association.

The use of a swastika in this way is insulting not only to members of the Jewish faith but indeed to the families of all those who fought against Nazism in the Second World War.

"You have to wonder whether people who do this are incredibly stupid and don't understand basic history or are just evil in wanting to cause fear and distress.

"Hate crime is important because it insults people's deeply held beliefs and their backgrounds and history and that is why the police see it as a priority.

"This incident is not just about some paint on a flagstone it has a wider significance because of all the death, destruction and hatred that this symbol represents . "

– Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy
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