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How many police officers does it take....

Five officers stuck in a lift Credit: MEN Syndication

Well most jobs have their ups and downs and being a Salford police officer is no exception. This was the amusing scene when five officers got stuck in a lift at Swinton Police Station.

The constables got trapped for around 45 minutes as they were heading to a team meeting - but were later rescued by the fire service. The photo was posted on Facebook and Twitter by the constables’ colleagues earlier this morning.

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Salford mums promote breastfeeding in UK first

Women's breastfeeding calendar Credit: Collision photography

A group of mums from Salford have produced a charity calendar to promote breastfeeding. It's the first of it's kind in the UK.

The women and babies were photographed around the city including a photo recreating the famous Smiths' Salford Lads' Club album cover.

The mums - all members of a group which goes by the name Be Open on Breastfeeding in Salford (B.O.O.B.S) - hope to empower women and break taboos around breastfeeding.

The group was set up through a local social enterprise and members hope their calendar will become a Christmas hit, much like the Women's Institute stationery made famous in hit film Calendar Girls.

“B.O.O.B.S was created to encourage local Salford mums to talk about their experiences of breastfeeding, no matter whether it was good or bad, or whether it lasted a day or six months.

“If more mums talk to each other about their experiences and encourage each other to seek advice when they need it, then they will be less likely to stop when they have a problem in their journey.

– Kimberly Bond who organised the project


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Families of hostages killed in Syria 'told about Emwazi strike'

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said families were told before the Emwazi strike was announced publically Credit: .

The White House have said the families of hostages killed in Syria were contacted about the strike which is believed to have killed Mohammed Emwazi before reports of it were made public.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said:

I can confirm that a number of families of hostages who have been killed in Syria were contacted in advance of public reports to let them know that this operation had taken place.

– Josh Earnest
  1. Sarah Rogers, ITV News

The horrific moment for Alan Henning's daughter when she found out her father was dead

Lucy Henning, the daughter of murdered Salford aid worker Alan, has been telling how she found out about her father's death on the internet.

Lucy, who's 18, gave an exclusive interview to ITV's Jeremy Kyle show. It was the first time she's spoken of her dad's murder.

This report from Sarah Rogers:

  1. Matt O'Donoghue, ITV News

Special Report: Alan Henning's family welcome the airstrike against 'Jihadi John'

Friends and family of the murdered aid worker Alan Henning have been reacting to reports that the man believed to have killed him - the Isis fighter known as Jihadi John - has died in an American air strike.

A video showing Alan's murder appeared on the internet just over a year ago.

But other people who knew Alan said they would have preferred Jihadi John, otherwise known as Mohammed Emwazi, to have been taken alive.

From Alan Henning's home town of Eccles in Salford, our correspondent Matt O'Donoghue reports:

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