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Telephone scam leaves 72-year-old £1300 out of pocket

Police in Greater Manchester are warning members of the public not to be taken in by a telephone scam which has left a 72-year-old victim hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

The scam, which sees unsuspecting members of the public receive telephone calls from people claiming to be from HMRC, has already conned a 72-year-old woman out of £1300 and officers fear more victims may have been taken in but not yet reported it to police.

The woman from Beswick, North Manchester, bought £1300 of iTunes vouchers from Asda and Currys after receiving one of these calls from an unknown offender.

She then called the offender back and gave him the voucher codes in an effort to pay back a debt she had never owed.

It was only after the victim told a family member did she realise that she had been tricked.

Constable Amanda Simmonds said: “This scam is the work of a cruel and heartless confidence trickster and we would like to warn the public not be taken in.

“We know of one case already, but it is incredibly likely that she is not the only person to have been contacted by this offender or offenders.

If you receive an unsolicited call from someone purporting to be from HMRC or the tax office and asking for payment of a debt you did not know you owed, treat this with the utmost suspicion."

Wirral woman receives scam cancer email

A grandmother from Wirral is speaking out over a distressing email scam that suggests people may have cancer.

Bernadette Gonzales was waiting for results of blood tests when the fake letter arrived arrived in her inbox.

It warned her white blood cell count was low and there was "a suspicion of cancer."

It's thought those behind the scam may be trying to obtain password information.

Ann O'Connor reports.


Warning over cash scam in Trafford

Phone cash scam in Trafford Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Residents in Trafford are being warned about a scam in which victims are falsely told they're owed thousands. It's after 78-year-old Altrincham man received a phone call on Monday, stating he was owed £3,500 after he had been overcharged on his bank account.

To receive the cheque he was told to buy a YOUCASH Voucher to cover admin fees and give them the number over the phone else his cheque would not be delivered. Once the voucher number is given over the phone the offender can retrieve funds, there was clearly no intention to deliver the cheque.

Officers from Trafford division are now warning other residents not to fall foul of this scam. PC John McGrath, based in Trafford, said: "This man did exactly the right thing. He questioned the letter and immediately called the police when he had concerns about it.

"I would urge anyone who receives a letter or e-mail along these lines to contact the police. I would also say that no legitimate company or organisation would expect you to hand over money before they send you what is rightfully yours.

"Trust your instincts and if it does not seem right then it probably isn't."