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Traffic warden involved in 'selfie' bust-up with driver

The van driver attempted to take a selfie with a traffic warden Credit: MEN Syndication

A traffic warden was caught on camera grappling with a motorist moments after the driver took a ‘selfie’ of the officer handing him a ticket.

The footage shows the warden reacting angrily when the van driver, who is making a delivery, tries to take the selfie on his mobile phone, attempting to catch the warden in the same shot.

The traffic warden attempted to grab the phone from the driver Credit: MEN Syndication

The traffic warden appears to make a grab for the camera phone, sending it falling into the pavement.

As the motorist bends down to retrieve the mobile he gets up to find the warden moving aggressively towards him.

As the man bends down to pick up his phone the traffic warden advances towards him Credit: MEN Syndication

The incident, which happened on Dickinson Street in Manchester city centre, was captured by a passer-by on May 21.

The traffic warden called the police at 2pm to report ‘an aggressive male trying to film me’.

Five minutes later the motorist also called police and alleged he had been assaulted by a traffic warden.

After the M.E.N. alerted the council about the footage, its parking enforcement contractor NSL hauled the warden in to discuss the incident.

The confrontation on Dickinson Street was caught by a passer-by Credit: MEN Syndication

His bosses are now considering disciplinary action. A Manchester council spokesman said:

'Clearly, this traffic warden’s behaviour was entirely inappropriate and our contractors at NSL have brought him in, and are now considering disciplinary action.'

'Traffic wardens are trained to always walk away from any situations like this, and we take an extremely dim view of anyone who represents the council behaving in such a confrontational manner towards a member of the public.'

'We have spoken to NSL and insisted they put more robust measures in place to train staff and make sure this does not happen again.'

The warden may now face disciplinary action from Manchester Council Credit: MEN Syndication

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed they would take no action on either of the complaints made as they regard the bust-up as a ‘minor dispute’.

The man who filmed the incident said:

'I’ve always had problems with this particular traffic warden which is why I filmed this as things started to heat up a bit.'

'Anyway, this warden decided to knock the phone out of this guy’s hand for taking a picture with him in it because he wanted it to appeal against the ticket.'

'The driver totally didn’t do anything wrong and remained fairly calm though the entire ordeal.'

The incident comes just weeks after taxi driver Mohammed Arif had a parking ticket slapped on him following a city centre crash revoked.

That incident was also caught on camera.

Karen Danczuk reveals the suffering behind the selfies

Credit: PA

Karen Danczuk has said her social network selfies are a defiant response to sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

The 31-year-old wife of Labour MP Simon Danczuk told The Sun newspaper she had been abused from the age of six, but regained her confidence after seeking counselling on the advice of her husband.

Herself a Labour councillor in Rochdale, she has attracted headlines for her regular posting of selfies on Twitter and recently also claimed the party's deputy leader Harriet Harman told her she was "too pretty" for politics.

For years afterwards I felt worthless, guilty, as though I had somehow brought this on myself. But I was just a little girl. I was on anti-depressants for years and wanted to kill myself.

But my husband Simon encouraged me to have therapy and now - after intensive counselling - I have been able to get some confidence back.

– Karen Danczuk, Labour councillor in Rochdale

She says she is now free to 'have fun without feeling ashamed' and that is the reason she posts so many pictures on twitter. But she said she had not reported the abuse to police because she did not "want to take a step back".