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RMT chief: ban level crossings

Bob Crow says the Silverdale crash shows level crossings should be banned Credit: PA Images

After a train struck a car at Silverdale last night, Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT union, said:

"This collision once again shines a spotlight on the lethal combination of mixing track with roads and reinforces the call for these level crossing death traps to be phased out and phased out quickly.

"It was a miracle that the train didn't derail and that no one was killed or seriously injured. RMT does not want these life-threatening situations at level crossings left to chance. We want them phased out as a matter of urgency.

"Cost should not be a barrier to staff and public safety."


Network Rail statement after Silverdale train crash

The train hit a car on the level crossing Credit: Dave Brown, ITV Granada

Network Rail have released a statement after a train struck a car on the line at Silverdale.The statement reads: "At approximately 7pm on 15 January a train struck an empty vehicle at Silverdale level crossing between Barrow-in-Furness and Carnforth.

"The train did not derail and there was no significant damage to the railway infrastructure.

"No allegations have been made regarding the safe working of the level crossing. Network Rail staff assisted the emergency services and the line reopened in the early hours of Wednesday morning.”

Transport Police say no injuries in Silverdale crash

The crossing where the train hit a car Credit: ITV

British Transport Police say no-one has been hurt in the train crash at Silverdale.

The force say: “We were called following reports of a car being struck by a freight train at Silverdale level crossing in Carnforth, Lancashire. No-one has been injured and the train remained upright."

“Officers are now working with the fire service to remove the car and have launched an investigation to determine how it came to be on the tracks. The driver of the car and train will also be interviewed.”