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Rochdale MP: 'We should have some sympathy for Vaz'

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has spoken in support of Labour MP Keith Vaz, who is facing allegations he paid for the services of male escorts.

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He told Good Morning Britain he believes there is a public interest in the story surrounding the Leicester East MP but says there should be "some sympathy for Keith" in the way he's been treated in the media.

The Rochdale MP also said Vaz makes a "positive contribution" to British politics and serves his constituency well.

Danczuk is currently suspended by the Labour party as MP for Rochdale following allegations he sent sexually explicit messages to a 17-year-old girl.


  1. Daniel Hewitt: Politics Reporter

VIDEO: 'Corbyn is on a temporary contract': Labour MP believes party 'experiment' is wrong and destined to fail

Simon Danczuk says the Jeremy Corbyn 'experiment' will be tested immediately Credit: ITV Granada

Simon Danczuk MP has dismissed Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader as an 'experiment' that will go wrong and said voters in his constituency will now turn their backs on the party.

In his only TV interview, the Rochdale MP told Granada Reports Jeremy Corbyn was 'on a temporary contract' and he only has a matter of 'weeks and months' to prove he is up to the job.

"When I was out knocking doors (in Rochdale) a few weeks ago testing views on Jeremy, people weren't enthusiastic about him at all," said Mr Danczuk.

"Not a single person (I spoke to) believed they would support Labour if he was the leader. That's why I have concerns about it."

While North West MPs like Barbara Keeley, Andrew Gwynne and Bill Esterson, who all voted for Andy Burnham, called for unity following the result, Mr Danczuk immediately placed pressure on Labour's new leader to perform well at Prime Minister's Questions, compromise on his 'left-wing views' and appeal to the public on issues such as defence.

Jeremy Corbyn celebrates his impressive victory on Saturday Credit: PA

The Rochdale MP, who voted for Liz Kendall in the leadership contest, also heavily criticised Mr Corbyn's acceptance speech, which he described as 'insular' and said 'clearly shown for him it's politics as normal' and 'didn't reach out to the wider public.'

The veteran left winger got almost 60% of the vote in the contest, beating Leigh MP his Andy Burnham into second place.

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Could Danczuk be deputy of the Labour party?

Deputy Danczuk? Credit: PA Images

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk may throw his hat in the ring to become deputy leader of the Labour party.

The MEN report he had been asked by several colleagues to stand for the position. In order to get onto the ballot paper, he will need to get the support of 35 MPs. Meanwhile, Leigh MP Andy Burnham has emerged asa contender to lead the party.

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