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Fun in the snow: Your pictures

Three-year-old Jasmine from Lancashire takes a ride on her snow pony
Colin Port sent in this picture of Frosty and Charlie in Whiston Credit: Twitter: @colinportimages
Erin and her snowy Hello Kitty in Preston
Eleven-year-old Lara Baxendale from Blackburn with her snow creation Credit: Kelly Baxendale

Sporting snowmen...

Manchester United snowman in Nantwich Credit: @AJAClare
Wigan Atheltic snow supporter sent in by Gemma Atherton Credit: Twitter: @gem915

Your photos: Enjoying the January snow

Simon sent in this action shot of his son enjoying sledging in Glossop
This dog played in the snow in Hazel Grove this morning Credit: Anne Mullis
Nick Wood in Blackpool did a spot of snow-bathing
Little Nathan enjoying the snow in Liverpool Credit: @jowalsh66
Pam Morris sent in this scenic photo from Uppermill, Saddleworth Credit: @pamianliv
Shannon and Tiannas built this snowwoman in Wigan Credit: Twitter: @cathwigan1983

Snow in the North West: Your pictures continued

The Mushrow and Greaves impressive snowman in Liverpool Credit: Gemma Delaney
Picturesque view at Haigh Hall in Wigan Credit: John Clough
This robin was captured braving the snow in Preston Credit: Laura Clibburn
Youngster has fun in the snow with his new friend Credit: Twitter: @peterwick
Snow-capped trees at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum Credit: Twitter: @PioneersMuseum
Southport Pier was coated in snow this morning Credit: Mike Sergeant
Clare Collings took this beautiful picture of the River Irwell in Ramsbottom Credit: Twitter: @clobbz86
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