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Fun in the snow: Your pictures

Three-year-old Jasmine from Lancashire takes a ride on her snow pony
Colin Port sent in this picture of Frosty and Charlie in Whiston Credit: Twitter: @colinportimages
Erin and her snowy Hello Kitty in Preston
Eleven-year-old Lara Baxendale from Blackburn with her snow creation Credit: Kelly Baxendale

Sporting snowmen...

Manchester United snowman in Nantwich Credit: @AJAClare
Wigan Atheltic snow supporter sent in by Gemma Atherton Credit: Twitter: @gem915

Your photos: Enjoying the January snow

Simon sent in this action shot of his son enjoying sledging in Glossop
This dog played in the snow in Hazel Grove this morning Credit: Anne Mullis
Nick Wood in Blackpool did a spot of snow-bathing
Little Nathan enjoying the snow in Liverpool Credit: @jowalsh66
Pam Morris sent in this scenic photo from Uppermill, Saddleworth Credit: @pamianliv
Shannon and Tiannas built this snowwoman in Wigan Credit: Twitter: @cathwigan1983


Snow in the North West: Your pictures continued

The Mushrow and Greaves impressive snowman in Liverpool Credit: Gemma Delaney
Picturesque view at Haigh Hall in Wigan Credit: John Clough
This robin was captured braving the snow in Preston Credit: Laura Clibburn
Youngster has fun in the snow with his new friend Credit: Twitter: @peterwick
Snow-capped trees at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum Credit: Twitter: @PioneersMuseum
Southport Pier was coated in snow this morning Credit: Mike Sergeant
Clare Collings took this beautiful picture of the River Irwell in Ramsbottom Credit: Twitter: @clobbz86
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Motorists warned about snow on car roofs

Edmund King, president of the AA, has warned of people driving so-called "snowman cars" by not clearing off the piles of snow on top of their vehicles before getting behind the wheel.

Drivers must clear the snow off their windscreens, lights and tops of their cars before setting out.

This morning we have spotted lots of 'snowman cars', which are cars driving along with piles of snow on their tops.

I saw one sports car this morning on the M3 with almost a snowman of its roof but the dangerous thing was that it was being followed by a motorcycle.

The hardened snow could have been a real hazard, had it fallen off in the path of the motorcycle.

We have also seen drivers peering out of small openings on their windscreen as if they were driving a tank.

The other issue is the number of cars with their lights and indicators compacted with hardened snow.

Drivers need to take a broom to clear excess snow off their vehicles before setting out.

– AA president Edmund King

Snow in the North West: Your pictures

Mark McCreadie captured this scenic view of Blackburn this morning Credit: Twitter: @makjak001
Jenny Evans sent in this picture of Bickershaw Pond in Wigan Credit: Twitter: @jeni_evans
Keeley sent us a picture of five-year-old Hermione from Darwen sledging in the snow Credit: Twitter: @keeiddon78
Runcorn has been coated with snow, shown in this picture sent in from Claire Credit: Twitter: @clairephenna
The snowy village of Diggle this morning Credit: Keri Eldridge
Jo Fildes sent in this picture of Atherton Central Park Credit: TwitterL @jofildes
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Rail companies tweet updates as snowfall continues

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