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  1. Andy Bonner, ITV News

New Beatles museum opens on Liverpool's Mathew Street

The Magical History Museum on Mathew Street. Credit: ITV News

Now there's great news for fans of the Beatles from around the world who make a pilgrimage to Liverpool to see the birthplace of the Fab Four.

There's now a new destination on the city's tourist map - and it's packed full of memorabilia which has never been seen before.

The Magical History Museum is part of the private collection of a man with very close family ties to the band.

Our Merseyside Correspondent Andy Bonner has been to meet him and take a look around:


Liverpool celebrates 50 years of Sergeant Pepper

In the song it was 20 years ago - but in real life it is 50 years ago today that The Beatles brought out what is probably their most famous album of all time - Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.

Not surprisingly, the city of Liverpool is very proudly celebrating that fact.

Tonight a new film about the album is having its premiere there and lots of other Sgt Pepper related events are also planned over the rest of the summer.

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