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Labour leader hopefuls arrive in Warrington for hustings

Labour's leadership hopefuls are taking part in a North West hustings organised by the party in Warrington today.

President of Ireland visits Warrington Peace Centre

President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins Credit: PA
Tim Parry's parents Colin and Wendy will welcome President Credit: PA

The President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins, is visiting the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre in Warrington today. The centre was set up in memory of Tim and Johnathan the two boys killed when the IRA bombed the town in March 1993. The President will be welcomed by Tim's parents Colin and Wendy Pary.


Investigations into North West hospitals widened after some patients wait too long in A&E

Two investigations into the finances at hospitals in the North West of England are being widened because some patients are waiting too long in A&E.

Monitor, the health sector regulator, will now look into how well the trusts are run as well as scrutinising their finances. The trusts involved are:

· Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust · Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The trusts, which serve patients in Warrington, Halton and Wirral have both repeatedly failed to meet national targets for seeing 95% of Accident and Emergency patients within four hours.

The regulator says it believes that local partners, such as commissioners and other NHS organisations, have a significant role to play in improving urgent care across the region and that the trusts may not be able to solve the problems outlined alone.

Paul Chandler, Regional Director at Monitor, said: “We have decided to widen our investigations because some patients are waiting too long in A&E."

“We now need to understand what the trusts have done, and are planning, to improve A&E performance and how they will work with local partners to achieve this.”

Monitor also says it will announce the outcome of each investigation in due course but that no decisions have yet been taken.

Urgent: Symptoms of drug that can kill - police

Police say anyone showing symptoms needs urgent help Credit: Cheshire Police

Cheshire Police are increasingly concerned about anyone who taken taken the drug known as Vertex or Space Cadet. Lab results show it contains a substance linked to a number of deaths in Europe.

Three men from Warrington and a 16 year old girl from Runcorn have already had to have hospital treatment. Police say it's vital people who have taken it get help immediately.

They say it is imperative that people recognise signs and symptoms and act fast. Symptoms include:

• Profuse sweating

• Racing heart beat

• Extreme muscle tension

• Delirious ranting

• Very high body temperature

If any person is showing signs of these symptoms police say it’s essential to dial 999, put the casualty in the recovery position and ask forimmediate medical assistance.

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