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In memory of Shafilia - a day to remember victims of honour killing

Shafilea was killed by her parents in 2003

Its been revealed that the birthday of a murdered schoolgirl from Warrington will be a memorial day to remember victims of so called 'honour killings'.

17 year old Shafilea Ahmed was killed by her parents in 2003 because they thought she'd brought shame on the family.

A charity has campaigned for 14th July to be a memorial day to commemorate her.


Dumbledore the seal fighting pneumonia

A grey seal found stranded on a farmer's field 20 miles from the coast is being cared for at an animal hospital in Norfolk.

The seal - nicknamed Dumbledore - was discovered on a farm in Merseyside. It's thought he'd got stuck there after swimming inland.

He was taken to the RSPCA centre near King's Lynn - where he's being treated for pneumonia.

Stuart Leithes has this report.

Rescued seal exhausted but may still return to its natural habitat

The seal was found in a field in Newton le Willows Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

A seal rescued from a field in Newton le Willows has been described as exhausted and is now being assessed at a wildlife centre.

Police, fire officers and a local farmer earlier herded the seal onto an RSPCA trailer.

The seal has now been taken to the RSPCA's wildlife hospital in Stapley Grange, Nantwich, for assessment.

Once fully recovered they hope to release the seal back into its natural habitat.


Rescue operation underway for stranded seal in Cheshire field

Seal found in St Helens field Credit: Karen Johnson

A rescue is underway for a seal found in a field near Newton le Willows in Cheshire.

A dog walker came across the seal in the middle of a field at Red Bank Farm.

Police are at the scene to contain the seal Credit: Karen Johnson

Police say they have contained the seal and representatives from the British Diver Marine Life Rescue Service are making their way to the scene.

It's believed the seal arrived in the field via a stream.

Warrington department store staff honour much-loved colleague

Lesley Wilbourne.

Staff at a Warrington department store have paid tribute to a much-loved colleague who died from cancer - and they've named a stockroom in her honour.

Lesley Wilbourne was a popular sales assistant at Debenhams in Golden Square and since losing her, friends and colleagues have raised money in her memory for Macmillan Cancer Support and also put up a plaque in her honour.

They have dedicated their cosmetics stockroom, where Lesley was known to take charge, to their friend and decided that from now on it will be known as Lesley’s Room.

Lesley’s partner John Kenny and close friend and colleague Nicky Stewart are pictured with Lesley’s plaque at Debenhams in Golden Square, Warrington.

Lesley had been at Debenhams since it opened and they all loved her there.

“They’ve been fantastic since she passed away, and they all came to the funeral.

"They all thought so much of her, it brings a lump to my throat."

– Lesley’s partner John Kenny.
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