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Andy's biggest prize is "the gift of life"

Kidney patient Andy Knox, from Cheshire, says he feels he's been given four lives - after undergoing transplant operations with organs from close family members.

Andy found out he needed an operation just two weeks after winning the lottery in 1998.

But a series of problems meant that he had to count on his mum, dad and sister to give him one of their kidneys.

Our correspondent Mel Barham has been to meet the family.


Warrington Wolves fan gets players' autographs tattooed on back

A Warrington Wolves fan says she will not stop getting tattoos of players' autographs until her body is covered.

Season ticket holder Amanda Atkin, 40, has a collection of 42 tattoos.

Warrington Wolves fan Amanda Atkin Credit: Warrington Guardian

The only two she is missing are loan players Kevin Penny and Chris Riley, but she hopes to get them soon.

She told the Warrington Guardian:

“I suggested I was just going to get my favourite player Richie Myler on my back but then my husband said why not get the whole team so that’s what I’ve done.

Warrington Wolves fan Amanda Atkin is carrying the squad on her back Credit: Warrington Guardian

The design on her back took two-and-half hours to complete after neat copies of each players’ autograph had been collected for what Amanda said was a painless experience.

Warrington Wolves fan Amanda Atkin is carrying the squad on her back Credit: Warrington Guardian

'Ambulance chaser' faces prosecution

A delivery driver from Wigan, who filmed himself tailing an ambulance on a 999 call, now faces losing his licence.

Danny Jones admits he was acting irresponsibly, but insists he wasn't speeding or jumping red lights behind the paramedics' vehicle.

He says outrage expressed by many people online, and by newspapers in print, is out of proportion.

Van driver who chased ambulance to avoid traffic says people have 'over-reacted'

A delivery driver from Wigan who filmed himself following an ambulance on an emergency call, quipping that it was the ''quickest way into work'', says people have over-reacted to what he did.

Danny Jones drove directly behind the paramedics' vehicle on a 999 call in Warrington.

He now faces losing his licence and says he's sorry he did it.


Accidental death verdict on Nepalese air crash victims

The four men from the North West who died along with 3 others Credit: GTV

A verdict of accidental death has been recorded at the inquest into the deaths of 7 people, including four from the north west, in a plane crash in Nepal. Brothers Vincent and Darren Kelly, from Bolton, died alongside Raymond Eagle from Macclesfield, and Tim Oakes from Warrington.

The inquest heard that there was no mechanical problem with the plane, which crashed shortly after takeoff at Katmandu airport, but that Nepalese Airlines had an appalling safety record. The coroner said that he would write to ABTA to recommend that travellers avoid travelling with the airline.

Lawyer: Tourist not given information on safety records

The families' lawyer has told the court that tourists were not given information on Nepal's air safety record at booking.

Margaret McEwan, from Explore Worldwide, said it was the customer's "responsibility" and that customers were pointed to sources where they could find such information. She added: "It's reasonable to assume they would find it".

Airline 'blemish free' until crash

The tour operator behind the Nepal trip has been giving evidence to the inquest.

Margaret McEwan, from Explore Worldwide, told the coroner the firm checks suppliers like airlines.

She said Sita Air's safety record was "blemish free" until this crash.

The travel firm had been running tours to Nepal since 1991.

This trip was the first of that particular season in 2012.

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