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Police helicopter pictures of Warrington fire

More than 50 Firefighters have spent the night battling a blaze at the former Mr Smith's nightclub in Warrington. A police helicopter monitoring the fire took these pictures:

Fire at former Mr Smith's nightclub in Warrington

More than 50 Firefighters have spent the night battling a blaze at the former Mr Smith's nightclub in Warrington. The main roof of the building has collapsed and motorists are being advised to avoid the area. Wind is blowing smoke across the town cente and emergency services are telling people to keep their doors and windows shut.

Pictures: @BethySmile


Protest against 'joint enterprise' murder convictions

Stepping up the campaign against Joint Enterprise Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The campaign against a controversial law which led to a Warrington teenager being convicted of murder is being stepped up.

Jordan Cunliffe was jailed for murder under joint enterprise, which allows people to be convicted for being at the scene of a crime even if they weren't directly involved. Families who oppose the law will march through London to hand in a petition to Downing Street.

Jordan Cunliffe convicted under Joint Enterprise Law

Super microscope unveiled in Daresbury

Credit: PA

A new super powerful microscope that can examine objects a million times smaller than a human hair is being unveiled today.

The instrument will help British scientists in fields such as advanced materials and power generation, and is expected to lead to breakthroughs benefiting health and the environment.

The £3.7 million Nion Hermes Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope, to be sited at a laboratory in Daresbury, near Warrington, allows researchers to identify atoms and observe the strength of the bonds between them.

This is expected to improve understanding of their electronic properties when in bulk and how they may perform when used.

The UK is a world leader in the development and application of Stem (Scanning Transition Electron Microscope) techniques, and this new super-powerful microscope will ensure we remain world-class.

From developing new materials for space travel to creating a better, cheaper treatment for anaemia, this new super-powerful microscope lets UK scientists examine how materials behave at a level a million times smaller than a human hair.

– Greg Clark, Minister for universities, science and cities.


Huge cannabis farm hidden in former Warrington nightclub

Over 1,600 plants were seized in the former nightclub Credit: Cheshire Constabulary

A large scale Cannabis factory was discovered by Police during a raid on a former nightclub in Warrington town centre.

A search was conducted at a former nightclub, Club Wired, on Mersey Street on Friday February 13.

Over 1,600 plants were seized in the raid with a estimated street value of over £1.5 million. Annually such a large crop of cannabis could generate over £6 million for the people running it.

Two men, age 48 and 34, and two young persons, have been arrested in relation to the incident, and they are currently being dealt with in police custody.

Such a large amount of cannabis plants could generate up to £6 million pounds in revenue Credit: Cheshire Constabulary

We know what negative impact illegal drug use and supply can have on the community and it is an issue we take extremely seriously. Members of the public can rest assured that our efforts in this area will continue.

– Inspector Richie Watts from Warrington Town NPU

Mother's protest over law which jailed her son

The protest at Liverpool Lime Street. Credit: ITV News.

A campaign against the controversial "joint enterprise" law, which led to a Warrington teenager being convicted of murder, is being stepped up.

Jordan Cunliffe was jailed for the murder of Gary Newlove under a joint enterprise prosecution, which allows people to be convicted even though they may not have been directly involved in the fatal blow.

Jordan's mother, Janet, says her son was wrongly convicted and the law is flawed.

Ms Cunliffe and other families fighting to have joint enterprise repealed have taken part in a protest at Lime Street Station in Liverpool.

Dream holiday for girl with rare cancer

Charlotte Crowson Credit: ITV

A girl from Warrington who lost a leg to a rare form of cancer is getting the holiday of a lifetime thanks to a generous stranger. Charlotte Crowson who has Sarcoma was given the cash by a fundraiser with the same illness. She'll now achieve her dream of swimming with dolphins in Florida.

Charlotte was diagnosed aged 4 in 2009 after a seemingly innocent swollen ankle got increasingly worse. It turned out to be Ewings Sarcoma - a very aggressive and extremely rare form of bone cancer only really seen in older, adolescent males in order to try and prevent the cancer spreading, after a number of treatments her leg was amputated below the knee in March 2010.

Charlotte was given the money for her dream trip by a girl called Jessica Minty after her school in Jersey raised funds for her during a charity concert. Jessica declined the money and instead passed it on to a fellow survivor.

Find out more about Charlotte here.

In memory of Shafilia - a day to remember victims of honour killing

Shafilea was killed by her parents in 2003

Its been revealed that the birthday of a murdered schoolgirl from Warrington will be a memorial day to remember victims of so called 'honour killings'.

17 year old Shafilea Ahmed was killed by her parents in 2003 because they thought she'd brought shame on the family.

A charity has campaigned for 14th July to be a memorial day to commemorate her.

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