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New inquiry into mystery death of Wirral diver

Stephen O'Malley who died in 2012 Credit: PA

A new investigation's been announced into the death of professional diver Stephen O'Malley from Wirral, who died in 2012.

An inquest in Liverpool ruled Stephen was choked by a piece of equipment while diving for a Danish company near a windfarm in the North Sea. The Danish authorities say he died of an undiagnosed heart condition but have now agreed to a new police investigation.


Watch: Anti-bullying music video by Wirral primary school

A primary school on the Wirral has created a new rap music video to promote respect as part of an anti-bullying and mental health campaign.

Staff and pupils at Riverside Primary were involved in the creation of the video, including dinner ladies, crossing patrol and school governors.

Headteacher Christina Lahive said:

"As part of our schools anti-bullying and mental health campaign we have created our very own musical masterpiece.

"Our children come from an area of high social deprivation but our school defies all obstacles and helps them to achieve their true potential both academically and emotionally.

"Our school motto is 'Da Totem Habes' (Give it all you've got)."

– Headteacher Christina Lahive

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Watch: Why did the donkey go to a Wirral pharmacy? It was feeling a little horse

Why did the donkey go to a Wirral pharmacy? It was feeling a little horse Credit: Tracie Gouldson

Staff in a chemist on the Wirral got an unusual surprise when a 2-and-a-half-foot donkey wandered through the automatic doors just before they were due to close.

Staff member of Prenton Dell Pharmacy, Tracie Gouldson, said:

"It just trotted through our electric doors at 6pm. It was only about 2-and-a-half-foot tall.

"We were feeding it imperial mints because you give horses Polo Mints, don't you?"

– Tracie Gouldson
Little donkey: staff at Wirral pharmacy had a surprise visitor Credit: Tracie Gouldson

Another staff member, Jane Burns, got a pair of tights off the shelf and made a lasso for their little visitor to make sure it didn't make a run for it.

Staff eventually had to call police who said that unless it was a drug mule they wouldn't be able to do anything.

Police also asked if the donkey was a little horse and that may be why it visited the pharmacy.

Eventually a member of staff from the Medical Centre next door recognised it and contacted its owners who revealed it was a little girl called Hotay, as in, Donkeyhotay.

She was reunited with her owners.


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