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Wythenshawe patients to pick their consultant

The University of South Manchester Hospital to give patients more choice Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Patients at a hospital in Manchester will be the first in the country to be choose their consultant based on performace tables.

Wythenshawe Hospital will allow them to see how each doctor is ranked against national standards.

The University Hospital of South Manchester Trust will begin with its cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons with details of how they did and what their patients said before extending to all its 250 consultants across all specialties by the end of the year.

Up-to-the-minute details will be posted on the trust's website so patients can make informed choices about who they want to treat and care for them, said the trust.

UHSM joined forces with researchers Picker Institute Europe to devise the system.

Second person treated for 'sars-like' virus

A relative of a UK patient who recently contracted a potentially fatal Sars-like virus has also become infected with the disease, health experts said.

The latest case brings the number of confirmed cases across the world to 11, three of which were diagnosed in the UK, the HPA said.

On Monday, the Health Protection Agency said one person who had recently travelled to the Middle East and Pakistan was being treated in an intensive care unit at Whythenshawe hospital in Greater Manchester after becoming infected with a new type of coronavirus.

Officials confirmed that a relative of the patient, also a UK resident, has become infected and is being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

It's understood that the family member, has an existing medical condition that might make them more susceptible to respiratory infections.

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Man treated in Wythenshawe with 'potentially fatal' virus

The Health Protection Agency has confirmed a middle-aged man is being treated at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester with a potentially fatal sars-like virus.

The UK resident returned from Saudi Arabia at the end of last month before falling ill on January 31st.

He was transferred to Wythenshawe at some point in the last few days after being infected with a new type of coronavirus.

The latest case of the condition is only the second confirmed in the UK, and the tenth worldwide. All those that have contracted the disease had recently visited the Middle East.

The HPA says there the man's family is showing no symptoms of the virus, and confirmed there is so far no evidence to suggest it can be passed from person-to-person.

Five of the ten people that have being diagnosed with coronavirus have died.

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