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Future of South Lakes zoo - decision day

Question mark hangs over animals at South lakes Safari Zoo Credit: ITV Granada

Councillors in Barrow are expected to decide the future of the former South Lakes Safari Zoo later.

The attraction was allowed to stay open despite its founder losing his licence in March

A new operating team says big changes, over safety and animal welfare, have been made.

Zoo keepers apply sunscreen to animals

Blackpool Zoo staff are applying sunscreen to aardvarks Credit: Blackpool Zoo

Zoo keepers in Blackpool are covering animals in sunscreen to keep them safe during the hot weather.

The Zoo's aardvarks need protection from the sun, because they have sensitive skin. Aardvarks are nocturnal in the wild in Africa, so they avoid daylight.

In captivity, they are active during the day so they need screening from UV rays.

Trainee keeper Jake Matthews says: “They are such gentle creatures and once I catch up with them they are more than happy to have the cream massaged into their skin, especially their ears!"