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Police: Slater's actions left a family deeply distraught

The injuries sustained by Mr Allen were horrific. Whatever had happened between the pair leading up to this incident, nothing justified Slater behaving in the way that he did that day. A vehicle of such a size is a powerful weapon - his actions behind the wheel of the lorry have left a family deeply distraught and struggling to come to terms with what has happened.

– Detective Inspector Peter Case

Police looking for cars involved in machete attack

CCTV of cars
It is thought the cars contained the offenders. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Police have released images of a group of cars after a man was ruthlessly beaten with machetes and wooden bats on a street in Monsall.

It is thought the cars contained offenders who got out and attacked two victims on a street in the middle of the afternoon. The incident is being treated as attempted murder.


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