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'Alabama Rot' dog disease warning

by Ashley Derricott

There are concerns among dog owners that a disease with no known cause or cure has arrived in the North West.

Three animals have died in the Wigan area from what's believed to be 'Alabama Rot.'

Experts claim the disease is not contagious and say the number of infected animals is small.

A dog's leg showing symptoms of Alabama Rot
  • Alabama rot is a disease that has been known about since the late 1980s in the USA.

  • Dogs reported with the disease can suffer kidney failure and/or skin lesions.

  • Typically the skin lesions have been below the knee or elbow.

  • They may present as a focal swelling, a patch of red skin or a defect in the skin (like an ulcer).

  • Over subsequent days affected dogs have developed signs of kidney failure including vomiting, reduced appetite and tiredness.

  • Many thousands of dogs are walked in the countryside every day and it is important to remember that only a very small number of dogs have been affected.

  • Most skin lesions will not be caused by this disease and most cases of kidney failure will have another cause.

Source: Forestry Commission



New leads in Paige murder probe

Since last week we have spoken to a significant number of people, some who have previously featured in the inquiry and some who have not.

We have now undertaken a forensic search at an address on All Hallows Road.

It has been nearly seven years since Paige disappeared and in that time forensic techniques have become more and more advanced.

In particular, DNA testing and analysis has become more sensitive and I am hopeful that this will assist in the work that is being undertaken today.

– Detective Superintendent Andy Webster, Lancashire Police

Detectives search house in Paige Chivers murder investigation

Detectives investigating the murder of Paige Chivers in Blackpool are searching a premises in Bispham.

It follows last week's announcement of a £30,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Paige's killers.

Police and forensic scientists are searching a premises on All Hallows Road, close to the area where the last corroborated sighting of Paige was reported.

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