BAE site to get investment

Defence giant BAE Systems' site at Samlesbury in Lancashire will get £150m of investment as the company steps up its part in the production of the F35 military aircraft.

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The F-35 Lightning II

F-35 flies over an aircraft carrier Credit: BAE Systems

Length: 15.6m

Height: 4.36m

Wingspan: 10.7m

Weight empty: 29,000-32,300lb

Fuel capacity: 13,500-18,250lb

Weapons payload: 25mm cannon 15,000lb

Weapons: Two AIM-120c- air-to-air missiles, two 1,000lb guided bombs

Max weight: 60,000lb

Speed: Mach 1.6

Max G-rating: up to 9.0

The RAF plans to have 138 aircraft

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can reach Mach 1.6 Credit: BAE Systems

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