Virgin Trains: There is no special policy on upgrades for MPs

George Osborne and his aide on a train to London Euston Credit: Rachel Townsend/ITV Granada

A spokesman for Virgin Trains said there is no special policy on upgrades for MPs or anyone else.

He said: "If you have got a standard ticket, you sit in standard class but there is the option to upgrade if you so choose.

"The strict letter of the law would be that if somebody had a ticket for standard, they should sit in standard and then ask the train manager to upgrade to first class and pay the appropriate charge.

"But it is not a big issue if someone sits in first class before they have paid for the upgrade.

"This is normally all done very amicably."

It follows the Chancellor George Osborne's dispute with a ticket collector after he sat in first class with a standard class ticket.

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George Osborne train dispute

Cheshire MP George Osborne has argued with ticket collectors after he refused to sit in standard class on a train to London.