Jailed SAS man to have case reviewed

Danny Nightingale: In jail for possessing a pistol

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has intervened in the case of jailed SAS sergeant Danny Nightingale, writing to the Government's top legal officer to ask him to review whether his prosecution for illegal possession of a gun was properly handled.

Sgt Nightingale, a father of two from Crewe who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is serving an 18-month sentence at the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester, Essex, after admitting possessing a prohibited firearm and ammunition.

Mr Hammond has asked Attorney General Dominic Grieve to consider if proper consideration was given to the question of whether a prosecution would be in the public interest before the case was brought to court martial, said the Ministry of Defence.

MPs will get an opportunity to raise concerns about his case with Solicitor General Oliver Heald this afternoon during a House of Commons debate.