‘Fracking’ earthquakes research

A new study says tremors caused by the controversial fracking gas extraction process are so usually so small they cannot be felt on the surface

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Anti fracking campaigners - 'government strategy is utterly insane'

The Government has given the green light for "fracking" for shale gas to resume in Lancashire.

Moves by gas company Cuadrilla to exploit the unconventional gas were put on hold 18 months ago after fracking, which uses high-pressure liquid to split rock and extract gas, caused two small earthquakes.

The long expected announcement that the government will allow fracking companies to continue attempts at exploitation of unconventional gas is the start of a major battle over what sort of world we will leave to our children.

The government and industry’s promises of cheap, abundant gas are deluded. In the US the gas bubble has already burst with fracking companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Drilling has ground to a halt and gas prices have doubled since the begining of the year”

The governments strategy of relying on fracking to fuel a new wave of gas fired power stations is utterly insane.

– Lilly Morse, Campaigner, Frack Off

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