‘Fracking’ earthquakes research

A new study says tremors caused by the controversial fracking gas extraction process are so usually so small they cannot be felt on the surface

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Cuadrilla release statement on fracking

Cuadrilla sees today’s announcement as a significant step in the future development of the UK’s onshore gas industry.

The company is ready to move ahead with its plans, involving the hydraulic fracturing and flow testing of a number of wells in Lancashire in 2013.

Before these further exploration and testing plans can proceed, Cuadrilla will work closely with DECC and its representatives, Lancashire County Council, the Environment Agency, the HSE, the local communities and other relevant parties to obtain regulatory approvals and planning permission.

“Today’s news is a turning point for the country's energy future. Shale gas has the potential to create jobs, generate tax revenues, reduce our reliance on imported gas, and improve our balance of payments.”

"Our exploration has shown that under Lancashire there is a belt of gas-filled shale over one mile thick. Today’s decision will allow continued exploration and testing of the UK’s very significant shale resources in a way that fulfils the highest environmental and community standards.”

– Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla Resources.

In cooperation with DECC, Cuadrilla has already taken a number of steps to further reduce environmental risk. Key among these is an advanced system for seismic monitoring that allows Cuadrilla and DECC to closely monitor and regulate hydraulic fracturing activity.

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