Bogus workmen target elderly

Residents are being warned to beware of bogus workmen in Lancashire.

It comes after two men knocked on the door of the home of an 85-year-old woman in Kirkham and told her that they were doing some building work nearby.

They went into the house and then asked her to run some water so that they could test it.The men did not show any identification and no known water works were taking place in the immediate area.The men were in their late 30s and one had a scarf wrapped around his face.

Nothing was taken during the incident but police are warning residents to take care when letting people into their homes.

"While no offence was committed on this occasion, this is often a ploy used by distraction burglars to gain access to people’s homes and they particularly target the elderly. We would ask people to be very careful when someone calls unexpectedly at their door, never let anyone in without having seen some identification and checking it out.”

– PC Ian Massey, Lancashire Police