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WEATHER: Overnight into Friday

Strong winds with gusts in excess of 50mph this morning have been gradually easing during today.

Gusts 30-40pmh are still possible this evening for exposed coasts and hills but they should become much lighter overnight tonight.

Gansey this afternoon, Port St Mary, Isle of Man by MARY DAVIES

OVERNIGHT: Mainly dry with clear spells and a few scattered showers. Enough of a breeze to keep mosts places frost free. A chilly low of 3C in shelter.

An area of rain to the south of the UK will bring thicker cloud for Cheshire and maybe some rain for a time overnight.

FRIDAY: A dry start but cloud will thicken in the northwest for Cumbria and the Isle of Man, where showery rain will develop and then sink south during the day.

The best chance of drier, brighter conditions will be in the east.

Temperatures will peak early at 8C before colder air moves in from the northwest later in the afternoon.

As skies clear Friday night this will lead to a widespread frost with lows of -2C and a cold start to the weekend.

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