Statement from Aintree Racecourse

Aintree racecourse say they are as confident as they possible can be that no unfit meat ever reaches the food chain.

The Racing Industry takes every possible course of action to ensure that horses , fatally injured on a racecourse , cannot enter the food chain.

Pro-active and considered measures are in place to prevent this, such as passport identification backed up by a sticker on the passport and close liaison with licensed disposal organisations.

Aintree Racecourse follow these guidelines to the letter and can confirm that Peter Boddy, who has been mentioned in newspaper reports, is contracted by Aintree to remove carcasses if required .

By the time these carcasses are returned to the disposal organisation's premises they are totally unsuitable for consumption.

They are fully signed off as unsuitable. Indeed it is illegal for horses humanely put down by injection on the racecourse to enter the food chain.

We are as confident as we possibly can be that no unfit meat ever reaches the human food chain.

– Statement from Aintree Racecourse