Sinking of Lusitania - 98th Anniversary Service

The Lusitania sailing from New York on 1st May 1915 on her last voyage. Credit: PA

A service marking the 98th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania will be held in Liverpool today alongside the ship's salvaged propeller.

The luxury liner was torpedoed by a German submarine with the loss of 1,201 lives in one of the most horrific incidents during the First World War.

Latest research by curators indicates that as many as 600 people aboard Lusitania had connections with Liverpool, Wirral and the wider region.

Curators have launched a fresh appeal for Merseyside people to come forward with information about her Liverpool connections.

Ian Murphy, Deputy Director, Merseyside Maritime Museum, said:

"Lusitania was Liverpool's most famous ship. So many Liverpool families remain touched by this sinking. As we approach the 100th anniversary we'd really like to hear the stories of Liverpool families involved."