Fergies first ever team sheet to be auctioned

Sir Alex Ferguson's first ever team sheet

The official team sheet from Sir Alex Ferguson's first game in charge at Manchester United is to be sold at auction. The historic item is being sold in Devizes, Wiltshire, and is expected to reach between #2,000 and #3,000.

Here's Fergie's starting XI

  1. Chris Turner

  2. Mike Duxbury

  3. Arthur Albiston

  4. Kevin Moran

  5. Paul McGrath

  6. Graeme Hogg

  7. Clayton Blackmore

  8. Remi Moses

  9. Frank Stapleton

  10. Peter Davenport

  11. Peter Barnes

Substitute: Jesper Olsen

Hand-written ahead of a disappointing 2-0 loss to Oxford on November 8 1986, the historic document is being sold on behalf of an Oxford fan who was given it by former player Peter Rhoades-Brown.