Theives target man with kidney failure

A man with kidney failure was robbed and beaten on his own doorstep in Whalley Range. The attack took place last Friday whilst the man was returning from hospital after treatment.

It's believed the offenders followed the 51 year old victim him and jumped him from behind.

As he was being attacked, one of the offenders asked for the man’s Kara which is the Punjabi word for bangle. After a brief struggle, one of the offenders ripped a rare and unusual necklace off the victim. The necklace has a real tiger tooth covered in gold and is worth more than £1,500.

Eventually, the two offenders forced their way into the victim’s home which set off the burglar alarm, causing them to flee.

This was an absolutely disgusting and cowardly attack on a vulnerable and frail man who needs dialysis treatment three times a week for kidney failure.I have no doubt people who are reading or hearing this will be absolutely disgusted and I would implore people to use that sense of anger and indignation to help us catch the despicable offenders responsible for this crime.What makes it even more upsetting is that we believe this man has been deliberately targeted as he returned from treatment, as the offenders knew exactly what to ask for and eventually stole a very rare and valuable necklace.

– Detective Constable Lisa McGrane