Greater Manchester's Velocity 2025 plan is for a series of new cycle routes called 'spokes'

  • . Prestwich 'City View' Cycleway will link Manchester City Centre from Prestwich and Heaton Park through Crumpsall
  • Ashton Canal Cycleway will be an off-highway route from Ashton to Manchester City Centre.
  • Mersey Valley & Stockport Cycleway will see a fully segregated cycle track linking Cheadle to the Corridor Super Cycleway and into Stockport Town Centre.
  • . Corridor SuperCycleway will be an improved on-highway, and largely segregated, cycle route from Wilmslow Road to East Didsbury.
  • Airport City Enterprise Cycleway will be a new series of improved cycle links at Manchester Airport.
  • Bridgewater Cycleway will complete the final 4km of cycle route from Bridgewater Canal Towpath into Manchester City Centre.