Sunbed models banned from fashion week

Models who use sunbeds have been banned from this year's Liverpool Fashion Week. The city council says the event will only employ models who have pledged not use sunbeds. It's part of a campaign to highlight the issue of unsafe sunbed use.

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Statement from the Sunbed Association

All efforts to ensure responsible tanning should be welcomed, particularly in Liverpool where the city has a historic problem with underage tanning.

Our own membership research shows that underage tanning is not a nationwide issue and we are currently in liaison with Liverpool City Council to help them deal with this local issue.

The decision by the organisers of Liverpool Fashion Week (LFW) to deny models the opportunity to work in these difficult economic times because of their freedom of choice to use sunbeds, is really quite outrageous as a publicity stunt, which London Fashion Week also tried a couple of years ago.

And the smell of hypocrisy here is head spinning. Anorexia and drug use are two serious health issues with recorded fatal consequences that remain prevalent within the modelling industry and surely LFW organisers would be better placed focussing on these issues.

“In my opinion, for a publicity stunt it would actually have been more appropriate to ban models from wearing high heels, which poses more of a health hazard than responsible sunbed use.”

– Gary Lipman, Chairman of The Sunbed Association

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