Viking silver to go on display

Silverdale Hoard Credit: The British Museum

A major collection of Viking silver that was buried for over a thousand years is to go on display at Lancaster City Museum. Known as the Silverdale Hoard, the collection is made up of more than 200 items believed to date from around 900 AD.

The pieces include beautifully crafted jewellery and coins from Britain, Europe and Arabia. Also included are 141 fragments of arm-rings and ingots which had been chopped into smaller pieces. These are known as hacksilver, which the Vikings used as money.

The hoard had been buried in a lead pouch under a field in Silverdale, where it was discovered by a local metal detectorist in September 2011. The following December it was declared Treasure in line with the Treasure Act 1996.

It was later valued at nearly £110,000.

The hoard has been acquired by Lancashire County Council's museums service thanks to a grant of £45,000 from the National Heritage Memorial Fund,.

The exhibition, called 'The Silverdale Hoard – the story so far', runs from Friday October 25 until Saturday December 21.