Man jailed for raping 'slave'

A man will be sentenced for raping a young, deaf girl he trafficked into Greater Manchester with his wife from Pakistan.

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Cellar girl was ''Miss Courageous'' says prosecuting barrister

Peter Cadwallader, prosecuting, told the court the victim could not be named because she is a victim of sexual offences.

But he said an appropriate name would be "Miss Courageous" - after spending 34 days in total being cross-examined by the Ashars' lawyers during legal proceedings.

"She is a remarkable young woman. A young woman with great fortitude, courage and extraordinary resilience, not only in coming to terms with the treatment she received at the hands of Mr and Mrs Ashar, but also the way she stood up in court," he said.

"She was physically abused, sexually abused by Ilyas Ashar - that included being raped by him."

"She had no choice over her life; where she lived, what she did, where she slept.

"She knew nothing else."

– Peter Cadwallader, prosecuting

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