BBC: Hillsborough footage has not been lost

Solicitors representing relatives of 19 victims of the Hillsborough disaster have said original television footage of the tragedy has been lost.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign said they were told by the BBC the original video from 1989 is "no longer in existence".

The BBC disputes the claims.

"The footage absolutely still exists and has not been lost. The BBC still holds copies of the original Hillsborough footage, but in an upgraded format. The footage was originally recorded on 1" reel and as that format was becoming obsolete, the BBC transferred the footage to digibeta."

"The BBC has already disclosed to both the Coroner and Operation Resolve, which is staffed by Greater Manchester Police, the BBC's untransmitted footage filmed at the stadium on the day.

Our records indicate that this footage was all disclosed to West Midlands Police on behalf of the Taylor Inquiry in 1989, to the Home Office who requested it on behalf of Lord Justice Stuart-Smith's Hillsborough Scrutiny in 1997 and that on a number of occasions it was also disclosed to the relatives/representatives of victims where it had been requested."

– BBC spokesperson