Serious case review into Rochdale grooming

A "significant part" of the sexual exploitation committed against young girls in Rochdale should have been predicted and prevented, a serious case review has found.

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Rochdale case handling "utterly unacceptable"

Victim Support chief executive Javed Khan said:

"It is utterly unacceptable that, instead of protecting these vulnerable young victims from sexual exploitation, the authorities judged, blamed and disbelieved them and their families and in doing so exposed these victims to further abuse.

"These young girls, who had been groomed by a group of criminals, were made to feel their suffering was their own fault when this was clearly not the case.

"It is to their great credit that they were later able to find the courage to give the evidence against their abusers which secured convictions in a number of cases.

"Cases like this remind us how important it is that the criminal justice system focuses on the needs of victims to ensure they are protected and supported and able to support successful prosecutions.

"Lessons must be learnt from this report and measures implemented to ensure no other vulnerable children are treated as at fault."Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard children and young people and report any concerns about abuse."

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