Police praise quick thinking Lexi (4)

A FOUR-year-old Blackburn girl was praised by police for her quick thinking which saved her mother from serious injury, at a ceremony at the Mayor's Office in Blackburn.

Lexi Cooper alerted the emergency services when a wardrobe fell on top of her mother. knocking her unconscious.

Nicola was at home with Lexi, and her two other children two-year-old Harry and one-year-old Amelia, where she was tidying things away on a bookcase.

The bookcase fell on top of her, trapping her beneath it. Lexi tried to wake her mother. She then located Nicola's mobile phone and rang 999.


Award after girl, 4, saves mum

A four year old girl from Lancashire has won an award after she saved her Mum's life when a wardrobe fell on top of her.