Six family members who tried to kidnap sister's lesbian lover await sentencing

The sentencing of six family members of the Ditta family who admitted attempting to kidnap their sister's partner has begun.

The court has been told that Nazma Ditta's family could not accept that she was in a gay relationship and that they had arranged for her to marry her cousin.

Granada Report's correspondent Elaine Wilcox has been in court.


Three sisters are seen on CCTV trying to force their sister's partner into a car, Aftah Ditta in full Islamic dress punches her in the face


Nazma Ditta was threatened by her sisters as she planned to leave home. They said ' just wait til we get hold of you', ' I am dead to you'


CCTV shows victim's partner punched & kicked as they tried to drag her into a car by her hair. He work colleague was threatened with knife


Six siblings jailed for attempted kidnap of sister's girlfriend

Six family members who attempted to kidnap their sister's lesbian lover have been sentenced to a total of almost 30 years.