Rape complainant falls to death

A woman who died following a fall from the roof of a car park in Rochdale earlier today, had been the complainant in a rape case, it has emerged.

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Ministry of Justice says measures are in place to help witnesses

Tracy Shelvey died after falling from the roof of a car park in Rochdale on Monday morning, days after a man she had accused of raping her was acquitted.

"Our deepest sympathies are with the family in this case.

"We know that going to court can be intimidating and sometimes distressing and want to ensure the entire system is doing everything it can to support people through this process, and ensure justice is done, as well as provide the specialist help they need to recover from such traumatic crimes.

"There are already numerous special measures available to help vulnerable witnesses give evidence - such as using screens or video link - but we know sometimes more could be done

"That is why we are trialling an important new way of sparing vulnerable witnesses the trauma of appearing in court through pre-trial cross examination.

"We have also overhauled the Victims' Code so people know what to expect and who to demand help from every step of the way.

"Under this Government we are also providing more money than ever before to organisations who give vital help and support to victims of crime."

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