Parents will risk fine to get cheaper family holiday

As MPs debate how to make holidays cheaper during school holidays its revealed almost half of parents will risk a fine for a low cost deal

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Prime Minister says he understands the 'cost pressures' families face

David Cameron Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/Press Association Images

"Obviously, we very much understand the cost pressures that hard-working families can face. I think the right thing is for schools - and this is what the Government is doing - to have the freedom to set their own term dates in conjunction with parents at their schools.

Academies already have that freedom and all schools are being given the freedom to set their own term dates, so I think that is the right approach.

I think it is important to understand both the pressures that hard-working families face and also the importance of children being in school, and that's why I would very much put the focus on flexibility around term dates as the right way to go about this."

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