Parents will risk fine to get cheaper family holiday

As MPs debate how to make holidays cheaper during school holidays its revealed almost half of parents will risk a fine for a low cost deal

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Would you risk a fine and take your kids out of school for a cheaper holiday? Here's what you had to say on Facebook...

Is a family holiday worth the risk? 50% think so Credit: PA

Michelle Reeves says - "Yes and would again as its cheaper to pay the school fine than pay extortionate prices in the holidays."

Andy Hassall: "Gets me when the kids have a week off, then when they should be back today it's a teacher training day! Where and who do I send the fine to?"

Jackie Carson: "Well I tried to book a holiday for august and its nearly 4,000 and in may or june its 16,00 so yes i will take them out during school holiday fine me all you want their my kids and i do what i want end off !!!!!"

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Jean Cassidy: "I have taken mine out and take my grandchildren out now. Parents need a holiday and in school holidays the prices are ridiculous. Most people live hand to mouth week in week out, so to give their kids and themselves a break need to go when it is cheaper."

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