Helicopter crash pilots thought to be from North West

The crashed helicopter Credit: PA

Two pilots killed in a helicopter crash in Norfolk are believed to be from the North West.

Carl Dickerson, chief pilot at Haughey Air Ltd, and Lee Hoyle, a co-pilot at the company, were both killed when the AW139 helicopter came down in thick fog in Gillingham near Beccles yesterday.

Profiles for Mr Dickerson and Mr Hoyle listed information about their careers on business networking website LinkedIn.

Mr Dickerson lists his current job on his LinkedIn profile as being at Haughey Air where he says he started in May 2010, and writes that he is "currently working for a private owner in a corporate environment". He lists his location as Lancashire.

Mr Hoyle also lists his job on LinkedIn, writing that he operates "a VIP AW 139 for a private owner", and lists Manchester as his location. He says he started at the company in October 2012.

The men have not been formally identified.